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Following are some recent publications of ILRI East and Southeast Asia. To see the full list, please visit our webpage at www.asia.ilri.org

•  Rich, K.M., Dizyee, K., Huyen N.T.T., Ha D.N., Hung P.V., Nga N.T.D., Unger, F. and Lapar, M.L. 2017. Quantitative value chain approaches for animal health and food safety. Food Microbiology.

•   Lee, H. S., Nguyen-Viet, H., Lee, M., Duc, P. P. and Grace, D. 2017. Seasonality of viral encephalitis and associated environmental risk factors in Son La and Thai Binh provinces in Vietnam from 2004 to 2013. The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 96(1): 110–117.

•   Lee, H. S., Lindahl, J., Nguyen-Viet, H., Khong, N.V., Nghia, V.B., Xuan, H.N. and Grace, D. 2017. An investigation into aflatoxin M 1 in slaughtered fattening pigs and awareness of aflatoxins in Vietnam. BMC Veterinary Research 13(1): 363.

•   Minh, H. V., Dung, D. V., Nguyen-Viet, H and Sankoh, O. 2017. Health and health care transitions in Vietnam: Evidence from the CHILILAB Health and Demographic Surveillance System (CHILILAB HDSS). Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health Vol. 29 (5S): 6S –8S.

•   Ngan T.T., Dang-Xuan, S., Unger, F., Barot, M., Nguyen-Viet, H., Hung P.V., Grace, D. and Pham- Duc, P. 2017. Exposure assessment of Salmonella related to pork handling and consumption at households in Hung Yen and Nghe An provinces. Vietnam Journal of Public Health 4(2): 26–33.

•   He, X., Chen, X., Zhang, W., Pu, Y., Song, S., Han, J.L., Dong, K., Zhao, Q., Guan, W., Ma, Y. and Jiang, L. 2017. High occurrence of length heteroplasmy in domestic Bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus). Mitochondrial DNA Part A 28: 851–854.

•   Zhao, Y.X., Yang J., Lv, F.H., Hu, X.J., Xie, X.L., Zhang, M., Li, W. R., Liu, M. J., Wang, Y.T., Li, J. Q., Liu, Y.G., Ren, Y.L., Wang, F., Hehua, E., Kantanen, J., Lenstra, J. A., Han, J.L. and Li, M.H. 2017. Genomic reconstruction of the history of native sheep reveals the peopling patterns of nomads and the expansion of early pastoralism in East Asia. Mol Biol Evol. 34(9):2380–2395.
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