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Giới thiệu các tài liệu ngoại văn dưới dạng điện tử hiện có tại thư viện

1. Rice bran and rice bran oil: Chemistry, processing and utilization. / Ling-Zhi Cheong. - USA:Elsevier, 2019. - 318 p.

Tóm tắt: Provides much-needed best practices on the science and technology of RBO, including the chemistry, dectection methods, nutrition (including the effect of processing technologies on micronutrients) and applications. RBO contains many nutritional components, including up to 2% oryzanol, tocotrienol, and phytosterols. In addition, the fatty acid composition is well balanced with mainly oleic acid and very little linolenic acid, which allows for versatile uses in frying, cooking, and in formulating oil blends for food uses, especially as a trans-free alternative. Many food industrial sectors are seeking possibilities to use RBO in their products from not only Asia and South America, but also Europe and North America. However, there are many processing, analytical, and nutritional considerations that must be documented in one resource. This volume is perfect for those interested in understanding the many emerging potential uses for this alternative oil

2. Role of plant growth promoting microorganisms in sustainable agriculture and nanotechnology. / Kumar, Ajay. - USA:Elsevier, 2019. - 298 p.

Tóm tắt: Explores PGPMs (actinomycetes, bacteria, fungi and cyanobacteria) and their multidimensional roles in agriculture, including their increasing applications in sustainable agriculture. In addition to their traditional understanding and applications in agriculture, PGPMs are increasingly known as a source of nano-particles production that are gaining significant interest in their ability to provide more economically, environmentally friendly and safe technologies to crop growers. The book considers new concepts and current developments in plant growth, thus promoting microorganisms research and evaluating its implications for sustainable productivity

3. Safety and practice for organic food. / Biswas, Debabrata. - USA:Elsevier, 2019. - 404 p.

Tóm tắt: The book explores food products that organic, integrated and traditional farming systems are contributing to consumers. As the demand for organic food products grows faster than ever, this book discusses current and improved practices for safer products. Moreover, the book explores progressive directions, such as the application of next-generation sequencing and genomics to aid in the understanding of the microbial ecology of the agro-environment and how farmer education can contribute to sustainable and safe food. Safety and Practice for Organic Food is a unique source of organic agricultural practices and food production for researchers, academics and professionals at agriculture-based universities and colleges who are involved in food science, animal sciences including poultry science, food safety, food microbiology, plant science and agricultural extension. This book is also an excellent source of information for regulators and federal government officials (USDA, FDA, EPA) and the food processing industry

4. Starches for food application: chemical, technological and health properties. / Clerici, Maria Teresa Pedrosa Silva. - USA:Elsevier, 2019. - 444 p.

Tóm tắt: The book examines the scientific, technological and nutritional knowledge of different types of starches, including their production and application in food, health and the environment. The book covers the links between biosynthesis, structure and the environmental impact on processing and nutrition. In addition, it covers starch identification and evaluation methods, along with production methodologies for food application, new sources of starch, modified starches for food application, and the relationship between starch, nutrition and health

5. Sustainable biofloc systems for marine shrimp. / Tzachi Samocha. - USA:Elsevier, 2019. - 438p.

Tóm tắt: Describes the biofloc-dominated aquaculture systems developed over 20 years of research at Texas A&M AgriLife Research Mariculture Laboratory for the nursery and grow-out production of the Pacific White Shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei. The book is useful for all stakeholders, with special attention given to entrepreneurs interested in building a pilot biofloc-dominated system. In addition to the content of its 15 chapters that cover topics on design, operation and economic analysis, the book includes appendices that expand on relevant topics, links to Excel sheets that assist in calculations, and video links that illustrate important operations tasks

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