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1. Analysis of Pesticide in Tea. Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Methodology (1st Edition). / Guo-Fang Pang. - UK:Elsevier, 2018. - 950 p.,

Tóm tắt: Analysis of Pesticide in Tea: Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Methodology is a comprehensive book, providing serial, rapid, high-throughput analytical methods for determining more than 600 pesticides in tea. There are increasing numbers of strict limit standards for pesticide residues in edible agricultural products in countries all over the world. The threshold for pesticide residues in tea is high for international trade. At present, 17 countries and international organizations have stipulated MRL levels for over 800 pesticide residues in tea. All methods described in this book are validated by an independent, U.S.-based organization (AOAC International), and all indexes have satisfied AOAC International's criteria. China has a history of 5000 years in growing tea and is a large tea producer with 80 million people involved in tea growing. China exports tea to over 100 countries worldwide, enjoying a high reputation for quality and variety.

2. Antimicrobial Peptides in Gastrointestinal Diseases. / Chi Hin Cho. - UK:Academic Press, 2018. - 186 p.,

Tóm tắt: Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), including cathelicidins and defensins are host defence peptides that carry out multiple roles in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Antimicrobial Peptides in Gastrointestinal Diseases presents knowledge about the physiological functions and pharmacological actions of AMPs in inflammation, cancer, and further infection of the GI tract. The book provides coverage from the basic research to clinical application for GI diseases. Current research and development of AMPs is presented, opening the way for further work on these peptides, not only in the context of GI diseases, but also for similar pathologies in other organs. AMPs are key to the regulation of human microbiome and second line defence in the GI mucosa, prevent colonization of pathogens and modulation of innate response to invading pathogens, and modify immunological reactions during inflammatory processes and oncogenic development in the GI mucosa. More importantly, AMPs possess diversified anti-microbial actions against various infectious diseases in the GI tract. With these physiological functions and pharmacological actions, AMPs have significant potential as therapeutic agents for the treatment of inflammation, cancer and further infection in the GI tract.

3. Bioactive Factors and Processing Technology for Cereal Foods. / Jing Wang. - UK:Spinger, 2019. - 260 p.,

Tóm tắt: This book summarizes the reported health benefits of bioactive factors in cereal foods and their potential underlying mechanisms. Focusing on potential mechanisms that contribute to the various effects of bioactive factors on obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases, it helps to clarify several dilemmas and encourages further investigations in this field. Intended to promote the consumption of cereal foods or whole cereal foods to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and to improve daily dietary nutrition in the near future, the book was mainly written for researchers and graduate students in the fields of nutrition, food science and molecular biology.

4. Bioactive Seaweeds for Food Applications. / Yimin Qin. - UK:Academic Press, 2018. - 320 p.,

Tóm tắt: Bioactive Seaweed Substances for Functional Food Applications: Natural Ingredients for Healthy Diets presents various types of bioactive seaweed substances and introduces their applications in functional food products. Presenting summaries of the substances derived from seaweed, this book systematically explores new ingredients and the bioactive substances that are both environmentally friendly and highly beneficial to human health. This evidence-based resource offers an abundance of information on the applications of seaweed as a solution to meet an increasing global demand for sustainable food sources. It is an essential reference for anyone involved in seaweed substance research, seaweed processing, and food and health disciplines.

5. Biofertilizers for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment. / . - UK:Spinger, 2019. - 547 p.,

Tóm tắt: This book provides a comprehensive overview of the benefits of biofertilizers as an alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The book covers the latest research on biofertilizers, ranging from beneficial fungal, bacterial and algal inoculants; to microbes for bioremediation, wastewater treatment; and recycling of biodegradable municipal, agricultural and industrial waste; as well as biocontrol agents and bio-pesticides. As such, it offers a valuable resource for researchers, academics and students in the broad fields of microbiology and agriculture.

6. Breeding Sorghum for Diverse End Uses. / . - UK:Woodhead Publishing, 2018. - 450 p.,

Tóm tắt: Breeding Sorghum for Diverse End Uses is a comprehensive overview of all significant global efforts for the genetic improvement of sorghum, a major crop of many semi-arid nations that is suitable for a huge range of uses, from human food, to biofuels. Split into two main sections, the book initially reviews the genetic suitability of sorghum for breeding, also providing the history of the genetic improvement of the grain. Finally, other sections look at specific breeding programs that could be improved in a number of areas, including human food, animal feed and industrial usage.

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