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Giới thiệu tài liệu ngoại văn dưới dạng file toàn văn

1. Microbial diversity in ecosystem sustainability and biotechnological applications. Volume 1. Microbial diversity in normal and extreme environments. / Tulasi Satyanarayana. - UK:Spinger, 2019. - 639 p.,

Tóm tắt: This volume comprehensively reviews recent advances in our understanding of the diversity of microbes in various types of terrestrial ecosystems, such as caves, deserts and cultivated fields. It is written by leading experts, and highlights the culturable microbes identified using conventional approaches, as well as non-culturable ones unveiled with metagenomic and microbiomic approaches. It discusses the role of microbes in ecosystem sustainability and their potential biotechnological applications. The book further discusses the diversity and utility of ectomycorrhizal and entomopathogenic fungi and yeasts that dwell on grapes, it examines the biotechnological applications of specific microbes such as lichens, xylan- and cellulose-saccharifying bacteria and archaea, chitinolytic bacteria, methanogenic archaea and pathogenic yeasts. 

2. Microalgae in health and disease prevention. / Ira A. Levine. - UK: Academic Press, 2018. - 354p.,

Tóm tắt: Each chapter features an overview, and the book includes coverage of microalgae biology, harmful algae, the use of microalgae in alcohol and food, and as sources of macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The historical use of microalgae, in addition to its potential use as a nutraceutical and cosmeceutical, is also addressed. The book provides coverage of relevant, up-to-date research as assembled by a group of contributors who are dedicated to the advancement of microalgae use in health, diet and nutrition.

3. Modern development paths of agricultural production (Trends and innovations). / Volodymyr Nadykto. - UK:Spinger, 2019. - 789 p.,

Tóm tắt: This book presents the latest trends and challenges in the development of general engineering and mechanical engineering in particular. Agricultural and horticultural product processors will find the scientifically grounded recommendations in this book on extending the period of its storage, improving quality, etc. very useful and timely. The effectiveness of the practical application of the trends presented in this book is based on the results of relevant scientific research in the direction of the agricultural production, its economics,management, finance and marketing.

4. Organic aquaculture (Impacts and future developments ). / Giuseppe Lembo. - UK:Spinger, 2019. - 211 p.,

Tóm tắt: This book addresses, reviews and evaluates key themes in organic aquaculture and is set out to show how these relate to the challenges and bottlenecks for a responsible organic aquaculture production in Europe. The key themes reflect the main challenges facing the organic aquaculture industry: guarantee and certification system, nutrition, reproduction, production system design and animal welfare. In addition, it assesses the impact of new and future potential development of new knowledge to update and modify the criteria and standards for organic aquaculture

5. Organic farming (New advances towards sustainable agricultural systems). / C. Sarath Chandran. - UK:Spinger, 2019. - 217 p.,

Tóm tắt: This volume provides an overview of the fundamental concepts and recent advancements in organic farming, a form of agriculture that is increasing rapidly in popularity. Readers will discover information on the history of organic farming, environmental friendly practices and challenges, and innovations in the field.

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