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Factors affecting the intensity of nonfarm participation among ethnic minorities in Northwest Mountains, Vietnam.
14/10/20 10:51AM
Tuyen Quang Tran, Huong Van Vu and Tinh Thanh Doan. International Journal of Social Economics, 2016, volume 43, number 4.
Abstract: Purpose: Little econometric evidence exists on the determinants of nonfarm participation among ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The main objective of the current study is to examine the intensity of nonfarm participation and its correlates among ethnic minority households in Northwest Mountains - the poorest region of Vietnam. --- Design/methodology/approach: Factors affecting the level of nonfarm participation were examined by using a fractional logit model. In addition, regression analysis using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) models were used to compare the mean of household characteristics and assets between households with and without nonfarm employment. --- Findings: The study found that households depended heavily on agriculture for subsistence and their access to nonfarm employment is very limited. Households with nonfarm employment had much higher levels of education, income, assets and a much lower level of poverty than those without nonfarm participation The intensity of nonfarm participation is positively associated with education levels, proportion of male working members and fixed assets but negatively correlated with the size of annual crop land and water surface for aquaculture. Also, the presence of nonfarm opportunities and paved roads in a commune increases the intensity of nonfarm participation for households living in that commune. --- Practical implications: The findings suggest that any poverty alleviation policies should aim at improving the access of ethnic minorities to education and nonfarm job opportunities. --- Originality/value: The study offers the first evidence of factors affecting the intensity of nonfarm participation among ethnic minorities in the study area.