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Sustainability Assessment of the Rural Clean Water Supply System in Hai Phong City
31/12/21 08:23AM
Nguyen Thi Thu Quynh, and Nguyen Quoc Hung. Vietnam Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 4, 2021.
Abstract: Since the end of 2019, 92.1% of rural households in Hai Phong city had been able to access and use clean drinking water, which meets national standards as a result of developing a clean water supply system consisting of 205 plants with various management models. The authors applied the desk-study method to collect and review literature research, select a group of six criteria, and then applied the criteria to assess the system's sustainability based on Likert's 3-point scale. The results show that criteria scores ranged from 1.9 points to 2.5 points, while the total score of the whole system is 12.9 points - reaching an average sustainability level. The authors propose that in order to improve the sustainability of the clean water supply system in the rural areas of Hai Phong city in the future, management agencies and investors need to apply a solution of propagating rural people to increase their usage volume of clean water, which will help to increase the actual operating capacities of the plants, thereby increasing the revenue and profits of plant investors.