Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture - Eyes Above Fields
25/05/23 02:48PM
Dionysis Bochtis, Aristotelis Tagarakis, Dimitrios Kateris (ed.) Academic Press, 2023, 230p. Paperback ISBN: 9780323919401

Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture: Eyes Above Fields bridges the gap between knowledge of concept and real-world use and operations of UASs in agri-production. Based on a valuable combination of themes presented at the 13th European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA) and supplemented by targeted invited articles of key-scientists, this book presents a full-spectrum view of the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for agricultural applications. It integrates dispersed knowledge in the field, providing a holistic approach regarding UAVs and other UAS and their use in sustainable decisions.

The integrated approach of the book provides a fresh look on contemporary agriculture-related issues, following precision farming approaches, by educating on a range of different issues of remote sensing and its use in agriculture. Furthermore, the operational planning aspects for UAS in agriculture focus part of the book provides information that is missing from other resources.