Review on the application of green and environmentally benign biowaste and natural substances in the synthesis of lithium‐ion batteries
16/05/23 09:40AM
Tran, Ngo; Ta, Qui T H; Vinh Van Tran.  International Journal of Energy Research; Bognor Regis Vol. 46, Iss. 10, (Aug 2022): 13251-13275. DOI:10.1002/er.8124


Environmental pollution and global warming have propelled the research activities toward the substitution of toxic materials with environmentally acceptable components in various spheres. Lithium‐ion battery (LIB) is exorbitantly used in different electronic devices in the present era and thus generates huge toxic electronic waste, which has become a global concern. Different approaches have been put forward to replace the commonly used materials for the fabrication of LIBs with processed biomass. This review discusses the significance and application of different biomass for fabricating electrodes and binders for LIBs. The electrochemical properties of the developed LIBs have also been discussed in detail. In addition, the required improvements have been put forth, so that biomass can be extensively used in future LIB to reduce the amount of generated toxic electronic wastes.