Characterisation of the inshore marine sectors of Da Nang, Vietnam: A report from the ACCORD project
12/09/22 09:53AM
Olivia R. Rendón, Andrew Edwards-Jones, Thi Kinh Kieu, et al. PML Publishing, 2022.

Abstract: Da Nang is a pioneer site in Southeast Asia for the implementation of Integrated Coastal Management and the first city in Vietnam to become an Environmental City in 2020. At the same time, the city of Da Nang in Vietnam is experiencing substantial changes in its urban landscape due to socioeconomic growth in line with three primary pillars: tourism, high-tech industry, and marine economy. These pillars are likely to bring negative environmental consequences, of which marine water quality is a key concern. Thus, this study carried out a characterisation of the inshore marine sectors and developed understanding of the impacts of poor water quality and Covid-19, with the aim of informing marine-coastal management.