Flora of Silica-Scaled Chrysophytes (Chrysophyceae) of Two Provinces in Southern Vietnam
31/01/23 09:26AM
Gusev, E S; Guseva, E E; Dien Tran Duc; Kulikovskiy, M S.  Inland Water Biology; Heidelberg Vol. 15, Iss. 3, (2022): 205-216. DOI:10.1134/S1995082922030063

The flora of silica-scaled algae of the orders Synurales, Paraphysomonadales, and Chromulinales in southern provinces of Vietnam (Binh Thuan and Đồng Nai) is studied. Forty-eight taxa (40 of which belong to the genus Mallomonas; 5 to the genus Synura; and 1 each from the genera Paraphysomonas, Spiniferomonas, and Chrysosphaerella) are identified in 37 studied water bodies. One taxon is found for the first time in Vietnam. Rare species endemic to Southeast Asia have also been found. Single scales of three species potentially new to science have been found. Forty-two taxa of silica-scaled algae are found in Bình Thuận province and 30 taxa are found in Đồng Nai province (taking into account earlier findings, 52).

Fulltext: https://doi.org/10.1134/S1995082922030063)