Spatial distribution and baseline levels establishment of heavy metals in sediments along the Thai Binh coast, Vietnam
26/09/22 09:08AM
D. T. Lim, N. Q. Bac, D. N. Nhiem, et al. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2022.

Abstract: The province of Thai Binh in Vietnam has undergone a recent rapid industrialization and urbanization phase. The living standards of the locality and better economic climate are achieved, yet at the expense of a certain risk of pollution of the environment. With the goal of sustainable development, the environmental situation of the region was regularly investigated by corresponding authorities. Additionally, it was researched to figure out new methods to monitor these qualities in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In this study, aimed at being used as indicators for the pollution level of the environment of the region, the levels of heavy metals along the coastal area of the province of Thai Binh in Vietnam were assessed, being compared with the results of other studies and regulation standards worldwide. After that, the baseline levels of heavy metals were established for this region, which can help future environment studies and decision-making by authorities. Furthermore, the results were evaluated using principal component analysis and linear regression analysis. The results identify possible accumulation of several heavy metals in the past, such as Se, Hg, Cu and Zn. Furthermore, several locations with particularly high levels of heavy metals were pointed out, particularly in terms of Se and Hg.