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Plant diversity in mangrove protection Forest Management Board, Ngoc Hien District Ca Mau Province
14/10/20 04:14PM
Vien Ngoc Nam and Truong Van Vinh. IUCN, 2016.
Abstract: There are 54 true mangrove species (Tomlinson, 1986) belonging to 20 genus of 16 families, there are also 60 associated mangrove species belonging to 46 genus. In the list and criteria of species in the Red Book (Polidoro. BA et al, 2010) on the disappearance of species: risk of extinction mangroves and geographic areas according to the level of global concern, there are 70 species of mangrove belonging to 17 families.
Data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development shows that, mangrove area of Viet Nam is 400,000 hectares in 1943, decreased to 290,000 ha in 1996 and 279,000 ha in 2006 (MARD, 2008 ). Vietnam has 109 species including 37 true mangrove species and 72 mangrove associated species (Do Dinh Sam et al, 2005). The classification of true mangrove species and associated species dependent on classification of the authors, we follow the classification of FAO (2006) in this report. Ca Mau Province has many reports listed mangrove species but there are no specific studies are the most diverse plant mangroves on the basis of quantitative and documents are scattered in many places except Mui Ca Mau National Park has done research program biodiversity of the Park. Therefore, the investigation of mangrove plant diversity this time to set up the initial database as a basis for identification, monitoring biodiversity, the importance of coastal ecosystems, using as well as to prevent loss of species and enhance the understanding of the functions of forests and the impact of humans on fluctuations of plant diversity in mangroves. Study subjects were mangrove species of 3 types of forest are strictly protection forests, forest protection and production forests under the jurisdiction of the Nhung Mien of Protection Forest Management Board, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau Province, including true mangroves and associated mangrove species as trees, shrubs, herbs, ferns, research focused diverse natural vegetation to find the distribution law and development of the natural species to apply on reforestation. Research focuses on the level of species and community diversity, not the study of genetic diversity.

Free full text https://www.iucn.org/sites/dev/files/import/downloads/biodiversity_nhung_mien_english.pdf.