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Participation patrolling efforts by local people: Case of Nam Tien forest station in Pu Hu Nature Reserve, Vietnam.
28/10/20 08:28AM
L. K. Dong, S. Sinutok, P. Manop and K. Techato. 2019 3rd International Conference on Energy and Environmental Science, 2019.
Abstract: Protected areas, nature reserves and national parks in Vietnam, has considered foot patrols under traditional law enforcement with local forest guard (LFG). The participant between LFG and rangers in protected areas has been applied as commons way of patrolling on forest protection. However, very few studies have considered the contribution of LFG performance of patrolling activity with GPS-based monitoring system from Nam Tien forest station (FS), Pu Hu nature reserve (NR). Through the contribution of the monthly report was collected and the reliability of patrol data was analyzed in the central office. This study explores that the number of LFG was affected by the distance and patrol hours in the working field (P < 0.01). It could also be reducing the rangers‘ law enforcement if the limitation of LHG‘s performance was considerably significant. Admittedly, the illegal activity might be declined by ranger‘s efforts in term of patrolling activity. This study highlights the importance of LFG performance for protected area management was related to the efficacy of conservation targets.

Free full text https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1755-1315/291/1/012007/pdf.